ProjectThe Waterside, Seamill, Scotland

The site at Waterside Inn near Seamill was acquired with the view to retain and improve the existing restaurant/bar and develop a new banqueting/hotel facility.

The project was developed over two separate phases, Phase I Restaurant/Bar and Phase II Banqueting/Hotel.

The site commands excellent views over the open sea and the Island of Arran.

The existing Waterside Inn, a two storey restaurant/ bar, has been completely refurbished, allowing for future extension to form the proposed Phase II.

Phase II accommodation is located to the North of Phase I, wrapping around the kitchen and service area extending towards the sea with a volume containing the Banqueting hall and hotel bedrooms.

The hotel and banqueting entrances are aligned with Phase I entrance canopy and are easily accessible from the site entrance located to the North- East. 

The hotel reception provides access to the lift and stairs leading to the hotel rooms situated on the first floor. The lift and stairs also provide access to the mezzanine accommodation, Laundry and Staff room.

The Banqueting area is accessed via a generous entrance lobby leading to the Banqueting hall via the Cloaks room and the Bridal room.

Two break out bars will form the holding areas for the functions and events which will take place in the Banqueting hall. 

The veranda and canopy serving the South and West sides of Phase I cover the South and West of the Banqueting area, allowing for a transition surface leading towards the landscaped gardens.

The first floor includes twenty bedrooms and two suites clustered around an internal terrace. The bedrooms floor is served by three fire escape stairs located to the North, East and South.

A Garden Kiosk is located to the South of the main buildings, serving the outdoors enthusiasts by offering shelter and a connection to the beach and garden.

A Honeymoon Suite will be located to the North West of the main building, close to the existing stone wall, offering a romantic retreat for the newly wed. The Honeymoon Suite will be accessed via a dedicated road.

The chromatic composition of Phase 1 and Phase II continues the dialogue with the maritime character of the site and the same grey blue cladding boards are used on the external walls, alternating over certain areas with white render finish which is used for marking a feature element (the lift tower) or functional change (the North Banqueting/hotel elevation).

White window surrounds, fascias and canopy posts together with the burnt red tiled roof complete the composition.